Who We Are

A few years ago, Bruce and I were getting ready to "retire" and told long-time friends, Sara and Rick, about plans to have a farm in central Virginia.  As a result of that conversation—and the many that followed—Middle Fork Farm and Vineyard has become a reality.  Today, our 2-family farm is a reflection of our combined talents and continued efforts.

Rick is the farm and vineyard manager.  Often described as “out standing in his field,”  he’s generally found in the vineyard, the strawberry "patch", or in the tractor shop fabricating custom implements to make the farm more efficient.  Rick has a degree in Agronomy, as well as a lifetime of experience as a farmer.   His wife, Sara, whom he met at California Polytechnic University in Pomona, is the head goat herder.  In addition, she herds kids including their two daughters (who, in turn, herd the barn cats) and sometimes members of the 4-H livestock club with whom she volunteers.  Besides overseeing our goat herd, we discovered that given chalkboard and chalk pens, Sara makes amazing signs advertising our strawberries and strawberry spreads.

Bruce has completed the certificate courses in Enology (i.e. wine-making) at  Piedmont Valley Community College and the University of California at Davis. He is  making wine under the mentorship of Matthieu Finot at King Family Vineyards.  The rest of the time he is building or electrifying farm structures. I develop the recipes, makes strawberry spread, and do the marketing.

We are all looking forward to our newest adventure this coming summer --- opening Cunningham Creek Winery and Tasting Room (at Middle Fork Farm).