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Rick had quite a surprise on New Year's Day when he discovered two healthy female kids nursing in the field.  We thought the kidding would begin about January 15 but as with people, sometimes calculations and reality don't quite jive.  We've welcomed new kids almost daily since then and we are anxiously waiting for the last couple of does to kid so we can return to a more normal sleep schedule.  Fortunately Bruce built them a fine new maternity ward with four "birthing suites" which have heat lamps and heated water buckets to get us through the freezing polar vortex period.

The kids got us off to a running start in 2014 and we have great hopes for the strawberry "patch" and vineyard, as well.  Once spring arrives, we'll double our strawberry patch.  Rick says that will be about 40,000 strawberry plants-wow!   Just like the goats our new plants will be the offspring of our existing plants.  In the world of strawberries, these are called daughter plants (sorry, no sons) and when cut and planted will produce great strawberries this season, as well as their own daughter plants for next year (OMG, how many plants will we have then?).

We will also expand our vineyard in the spring. Currently, we have eight acres under vine with four varieties; Petit Verdot, Merlot, Malbec, and Pinot Gris.   We will add two more acres and three more varieties; Chardonnay, Viognier, and Cabernet Franc.  Bruce and Rick can hardly control their enthusiasm as they contemplate setting several hundred more posts!  The new vineyard will be on Route 619 (aka Ruritan Lake Road) across from the existing vineyard.  This year we will add a pond betweenNewVineyard1:14 the two vineyards, which will provide the water used to irrigate the vines, as well as a great picnic spot.  Future plans include a winery, tasting room and farm market, also on Route 619.

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