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The kids have all arrived and they are growing up healthy, strong and fast.  The final tally is 10 handsome bucks and 10 beautiful does.  Our last doe completed the kidding season on Feb. lastkid11 and presented us with a lovely tan buck.  Based on the breeding dates (and a distinctive set of ears), this youngQuizno fella is the only offspring of our very handsome Kiko buck, Quizno.   The rest of the kids are the offspring of a Boer “rent-a-buck” who belonged to our local extension agent.  Sadly, he has since passed but he gave us a fine crop of kids.

Most of the does will be added to our herd and bred to Quizno next year, furthering the positive traits that each breed contributes.   Two of the kids have been purchased as 4-H projects and they are currently learning to walk on a lead—challenging for the two and four legged kids. Look for these teams at upcoming 4-H events this summer.   The bucks will be available for sale before Easter and should average 40 lbs. For more information, contact Sara at 540-424-3987 or para Espańol, llame a Rick a 434-987-5896.

A favorite leisure pastime on the farm is watching the antics of the kids.  They have essentially four games they play when not engaged in the primary activities of eating or sleeping.  Game #1 is “king/queen of the mountain.”  This is played on the bridge-like structure built by Rick and Katie, Sara’s mom.    kingofmtn I have seen as many as three on the top but that never lasts long. There’s always an onslaught of challengers not only on the ramps, but also on the side.    Game #2 is standing on mom while she is trying to rest and chew her cud—just chillin’.  Some of the kids are already quite heavy and I’m thinking that the moms may be tiring of this IMG_4809game.  Game #3 is the helicopter game when the kids magically levitate on all fours—truly amazing (and hard to catch on camera)! They are not jumping like a horse but actually hovering with all four hooves equidistant from the ground.  Finally, game #4 is the gladiator challenge or classic head-butt activity.  Many of them have begun to grow horns so in time this could, from a human perspective, appear pretty hazardous.

The kids are enjoying exploring the pasture and, along witgoatspastureh their moms, celebrating their release from the confinement of the “Palace.” Green is starting to appear in the fields and we are all hoping that spring is on its way!